Call Center Assessment

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Area of Focus: Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
Target: Patients and caregivers
Method: Quant telephone and online surveys

Background: Pharmaceutical client has a toll-free phone number and email address for patients and caregivers to inquire about the company and its specific medications. Previous research showed a strong link between patients’ satisfaction with customer service and the number who talked to their doctor about the company’s medications.

Business Question: How well are the company’s customer care agents addressing patients’ information needs for the medications in which they might be interested?

Approach: Ongoing quantitative surveys via telephone and online with those who called and emailed the pharmaceutical company to gauge satisfaction levels with customer service and determine what actions they took following their contact.

Outcome: Based on study findings, the company streamlined its telephone menu system, increased the speed with which agents responded to emails, set clearer and more reasonable expectations for the type and amount of information agents were authorized to provide, and implemented training and incentives to provide faster and better follow-up when additional information was needed.

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