In-office TV Ad Assessment

Industry: Consumer goods and services
Area of Focus: Ad Effectiveness
Target: Patients and caregivers
Method: In-person quant interviews (in-situ) with test vs. control methodology

Background: A large retailer wanted to expand its in-store pharmacy customer base. Ads for the company’s new generic prescription medication program were shown in physician office lobbies using our client’s TV content and advertising delivery system. Both companies wanted to understand the effectiveness of the advertising medium for making future content changes and gauging ad buy rates.

Business Questions: How effective is the in-office TV advertising medium in increasing program awareness and intent to utilize the prescription program being advertised?

Approach: In-person quantitative interviews with visitors at physician offices in ten geographically dispersed cities. Interviews were evenly divided among those in Test offices (those showing the ad) and Control offices (not showing the ad).

Outcome: Study findings showed that the ads had positive effect on intent to use the pharmacy program advertised, thus the medium was further utilized by the retailer. Our client also used the findings to market the medium to other potential advertisers.

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