Marketing Message Optimization

Industry: Media and Television
Area of Focus: Target Profiling & Message Optimization
Target: Consumers
Method: Quant online survey

Background: A cable and satellite television channel decided to start airing shows in a category that was new to them but was already well established on other channels. Our client needed to create marketing materials that would be most effective at attracting viewers to these shows.

Business Questions: What are the demographics of heavy category viewers? Which aspects of these shows drive viewing? Which shows on their channel do category users already watch, so that scheduling and marketing efforts could be informed? Are there best practices other channels use when marketing these kinds of shows that our client could learn from?

Approach: Online survey conducted among viewers of the category, in which a variety of promos for competitors’ shows in the category were tested.

Outcome: Study findings were used to more effectively target the most likely viewers of these shows in our client’s media buy, fine-tune scheduling and cross-promotion strategies, and optimize the messaging and visuals utilized in promos and other marketing materials for the shows.

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