MSL Assessment & Tracking

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Area of Focus: Customer Satisfaction
Target: Physicians and HCPs, Key Opinion Leaders
Method: Quant online survey

Background: The Medical Affairs division of a leading pharmaceutical company utilizes Medical Science Liaisons to create peer-to-peer relationships with Opinion Leaders in the therapeutic areas it serves. The client needed a mechanism for obtaining unbiased feedback to help assess those relationships and to identify individual MSL training opportunities.

Business Question: What specifically do Opinion Leaders want when they interact with MSLs? Are the client’s MSLs providing what their specific assigned Opinion Leaders want from the relationship, and if not, how can a specific MSL improve?

Approach: Short quantitative online survey among Opinion Leaders in the client’s database who have interacted with the assigned MSL a minimum number of times. Conducted annually to track changes from year to year.

Outcome: Individual MSL “report cards” delivered to managers via an interactive tool utilized for performance review and individual training. Aggregate results and year-to-year tracking used by Medical Affairs group management to identify geographic area or therapeutic area opportunities, to guide departmental training and development activities, and to optimize investments in resources to be provided by the MSLs.

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