Micro-site ROI Evaluation

Industry: Pharma, biotech, and healthcare
Area of Focus: Ad Effectiveness
Target: Patients
Method: Quant online survey with test vs. control methodology

Background: A pharma client marketing a treatment for hypertension was working with a large health publisher to promote its product by sponsoring a site area with hypertension-related content. Our client needed metrics to gauge whether this sponsorship was a worthwhile investment.

Business Questions: How well is the micro-site attracting visitors who are in the target market for this product? To what extent does exposure to the sponsored micro-site affect the likelihood that visitors will be prescribed the client’s product?

Approach: Quantitative website intercept survey upon exit from the micro-site area and re-contact surveys eight weeks later. Separate test and control groups were utilized to measure differences by micro-site content type and exposure altogether.

Outcome: The findings were used to calculate the ROI of the sponsorship, leading the client to further its investment. Survey results also allowed for refining of the micro-site content to maximize appeal and motivation to the target audience.

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