OTT Product Market Sizing & Optimization

Industry: Media and Television
Area of Focus: TV Program Development, Planning, and Strategy
Target: Consumers
Method: Quant online survey and focus groups

Background: A cable and satellite television channel was in the process of developing an OTT streaming product. Our client needed to understand the overall market size and viability of the product, evaluate various content areas of interest, and assess the product features of most and least interest.

Business Questions: What is the market size for the product? Who are the most likely users/subscribers? Are consumers willing to pay a monthly fee for the product, and, if so, how much? What are the content areas of most interest? What should each content area focus on to be of most value to consumers?

Approach: Online survey conducted among a general sample with subsets of heavy category users and streamers of video content, and focus groups among similar respondents.

Outcome: Study findings were used to more confidently assess the viability of the client’s product, provide a better sense of what a reasonable monthly fee should be, and identify the content areas of most interest to consumers and the content areas that have little value.

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