With more than 20 years of experience conducting digital media research, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or helped clients develop, measure, or improve in the “e” or “i” space.

Digital AssessmentWe’ve consulted with some of the world’s leading companies on everything from microsite ROI analysis to mobile website development to e-voucher effectiveness. Despite the everchanging demands of the technology world, we remain true to our research roots. Sure, we adopt new technologies to get it done, but at the heart of all of our digital work is a fundamental understanding and implementation of rigorous questionnaire design, smart sampling, effective methodologies, intelligent analysis, and relevant reporting. It’s a great mix: the old, the new, and our ability to adapt to the future to help our clients succeed in this digital world.


Digital Visitor Verification Digital Visitor Verification Digital Visitor Verification

Industry: Pharma, biotech, and healthcare

Area of Focus: Digital Assessment

Target: Physicians & HCPs

Method: Quant online survey

Background: A pharma company’s digital media agency launched a banner ad and sponsored search campaign to drive prescribers to the product’s website for healthcare professionals. The agency had access to Google Analytics data, which provided visitor quantity and click-through metrics but was unable to verify whether the visitors being driven by paid media were actually healthcare professionals.

Business Questions: Is the media spend targeted at HCPs driving the intended targets? Which elements of the media spend (e.g., specific search terms, a specific banner ad) are doing the best job of driving the intended target to the site and which are doing the worst?

Approach: Short-form website intercept survey on entry with source data capture and page view tracking. Survey ran for three months and 9% of all visitors completed the survey to allow for a high level of statistical confidence around the results.

Outcome: Visitor quality data by source allowed the agency to calculate a true cost-per-HCP for each component of the media buy, which led to changes in the media buy to optimize the spend moving forward. Page view data by visitor type informed future decisions about landing pages and site content.

Website / Mobile App Beta Testing Website / Mobile App Beta Testing Website / Mobile App Beta Testing

Industry: Consumer Healthcare

Area of Focus: Digital Assessment

Target: Patients

Method: In-person one-on-one interviews

Background: Consumer healthcare client markets an OTC product to help relieve allergy symptoms and needed user feedback on the product’s new desktop and mobile websites prior to the public launch.

Business Questions: What are the potential points of confusion? How could the sites’ features, navigation elements, and iconographies be improved to ensure the best site experiences?

Approach: One-on-one in-person usability tests at a central facility with moderate to heavy allergy sufferers who use the Internet for health and medical information.

Outcome: More than twenty key action items were identified to improve the user experience, including edits to dropdown menu items, widget changes, re-ordering of FAQ, enhancements to product descriptions, and increasing mobile site functionality by improving geo-location capabilities.

Website Redesign Website Redesign website redesign

Industry: Association Management

Area of Focus: Digital Assessment

Target: B2B

Method: Qual in-depths with stimulus sharing via the web

Background: Member association client wished to improve the content, features, and navigation of its website. A better site experience would lead to increased revenue as more engaged users pay for web-based content, utilize web-based seminars, and attend the association’s annual conventions and conferences.

Business Questions: How could the association’s website be improved to increase member usage? What content areas, functionalities, and navigation elements should be changed to ensure members are getting the most out of each website visit?

Approach: Interactive qualitative interviews (telephone interview with real-time web browser sharing) with association members.

Outcome: Strategic and tactical to-do lists for the association’s website team were developed, including tasks such as refocusing content areas to provide articles, changing the point sizes and colors of text on the site, revising the language used in navigation bars and menus, and simplifying the log-in process required to access customized content.

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