For many of our clients, the success of their business relies heavily on the processes they use for fulfillment or delivery of their products or on programs they implement to obtain and retain customers.

Process & Program Assessment and ImprovementWe have a wide range of experience helping companies develop, assess, and improve these processes and programs to ensure optimization. Some of these study outcomes are more strategic, such as the results yielded by a multi-phased qualitative investigation that helped design a competitive registration, authorization, and fulfillment program for a new specialty medication.

Others are tactical, as in the findings from a large quantitative test-control study that identified the optimal mix and number of email and phone contacts to retain loyalty program members. At times, our clients have utilized these program assessment results to negotiate improved contract terms with a third-party vendor providing these services on their behalf. In all cases, our experience across business types, program delivery modes, and research methods allows us to help clients make the most efficient use of the processes and programs in which they’ve heavily invested.


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