Nothing is more important to a TV network than having great content.

TVWith the evolution and continuing fragmentation of the TV industry, and with so many options vying for consumers’ attention, offering the best content possible—and ensuring that shows remain strong from season to season to season—is the most viable way for TV networks to survive and be successful. At Element, we recognize the importance of making every show the best it can be, and we pride ourselves on offering the most effective program testing product in the industry. We combine the science of a sound, online program testing design that allows us to turn around results quickly and capture respondents’ second-by-second reactions, with the art of understanding what can be done to make a show better. And with our extensive client- and vendor-side experience, we understand the importance of building relationships with key stakeholders, and have the know-how that allows us to work with researchers and creatives alike to ensure each show maximizes its potential.


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