Patient Service Center/Hub Development

Industry: Pharma, biotech, and healthcare
Area of Focus: Product & Service Development and Refinement
Target: HCPs / B2B
Method: In-person focus groups and qual telephone interviews

Background: As it launched a new specialty medication for a rare condition, a biopharm client wished to develop a patient service center or hub to provide authorization, reimbursement, and fulfillment assistance. In order to design its own hub, the client needed insight into its competitors’ hubs, how well they were serving patients, and what could be done differently to minimize barriers to drug fulfillment.

Business Question: How should the new hub be designed in order to efficiently service patients and help maximize the new treatment’s market share once it launches?

Approach: In-person focus groups and qualitative telephone interviews with physician office staff who work with and on behalf of patients to get this specific type of treatment approved and delivered to them.

Outcome: Many detailed insights into the complex and often challenging process of getting patients approved for and on this class of medication were uncovered, allowing the client to build a hub that avoided known pitfalls and offered highly desirable services, such as a single point of contact and customized modes of communication based on each office’s needs.

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