Patient Services Program Improvement

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Area of Focus: Process & Program Assessment and Improvement
Target: Patients and caregivers
Method: Quant telephone surveys

Background: Pharma client’s patient program team is responsible for providing a number of services for patients who have been prescribed their medication for multiple sclerosis. Changes were made to the program in one U.S. region to help better serve patients, and management wanted to understand how satisfied each of its program constituents was with the service before rolling changes out to other regions.

Business Questions: How satisfied are patients with the program overall and on specific attributes of service? How much more satisfied were patients who participated in the region that changed processes vs. those in the other regions?

Approach: Telephone interviews with MS patients enrolled in the program; sample sizes large enough in each region to see statistically significant differences on key attributes.

Outcome: A revised program was rolled out in two regions, with revisions including a more efficient registration process, revised communications to emphasize available assistance with problem areas, increased assistance with prior authorizations and reimbursements, and expanded clinic partnerships to increase walk-in location options for patients needing clinical testing.

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