Physician Attitudinal Profile

Industry: Pharma, biotech, and healthcare
Area of Focus: Target Profiling and Message Optimization
Target: Physicians and HCPs
Method: Quant telephone surveys

Background: To aid in the development of marketing for a new Alzheimer’s disease medication formulation, a pharma client’s wished to understand the attitudes and needs of physicians that treat AD. We profiled physicians across the medication’s five key prescribing segments as well as its five practice type sub-segments.

Business Questions: What are physicians’ perceptions of the AD medications currently available to treat the condition and what holes exist in the treatment regimens? How are the client’s prescribing segments differentiated by the their attitudes and profile data?

Approach: Quantitative telephone interviews with a nationwide sample of target physicians provided by the client.

Outcome: The study findings helped prioritize the segments based on the greatest marketing opportunities for the medication and identified communication elements that would appeal to each segment uniquely.

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