Product Line Extension Assessment

Industry: Consumer Durable Goods
Area of Focus: Product & Service Development and Refinement
Target: Consumers
Method: Quant online surveys

Background: Mattress manufacturer client continuously seeks new and innovative ways to meet consumer needs and extend product lines. Management wanted to understand consumer interest in a mattress type that might fit between traditional innerspring and foam.

Business Questions: How do prospective mattress purchasers perceive the company’s brands overall and on attributes related to their mattresses? What factors are important when buyers consider a mattress and how interested are they in new mattress technologies?

Approach: Quantitative surveys with consumers who are likely to purchase a mattress in the next year.

Outcome: Our client utilized the results to identify their target market segments, create advertising messages that appeal to target buyers, and to proactively combat concerns about specific technology features that were identified as purchase barriers.

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