Series Maintenance & Spinoff Research

Industry: Media and Television
Area of Focus: TV Pilot Testing and Series Maintenance
Target: Program Viewers
Method: Quant online survey and focus groups

Background: A cable and satellite television channel had a hit reality show with an ensemble cast whose contracts were up for renewal. Our client wanted to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current show, which cast members contributed most and least to viewer satisfaction, and if any of the strong cast members could be spun off to a new show without hurting the original series.

Business Questions: Does the original series have positive or negative momentum? Which cast members are most valuable to viewers? Which storylines are of most interest for the show’s next season? Are any of the cast members strong enough to carry a spinoff series? If one of those cast members were given his own show, how much would interest in the original series suffer?

Approach: Online survey conducted among viewers of the show, and focus groups among similar respondents.

Outcome: Study findings were used to postpone producing a spinoff featuring one of the original series’ cast members, identify the current and potential cast members with the most appeal, and determine the best storylines to focus on in the show’s next season.

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