TV Host Assessment

Industry: Media and Television
Area of Focus: TV Program Development, Planning, and Strategy
Target: Consumers
Method: Quant online survey

Background: A cable and satellite television channel decided to produce a hosted studio show that would air every night during their week of themed programming. Our client needed to assess four potential hosts in order to choose the one who was most appealing to viewers and fit best with the program.

Business Questions: Which host is the most appealing to viewers overall? Which host is the best interviewer? Which host delivers the strongest monologue? Which host fits best with the client’s brand?

Approach: Online survey conducted among viewers of the client’s channel, and non-rejecters of talk shows. Separate samples evaluated clips of the four potential hosts.

Outcome: Study findings were used to select the best host for the show. The show continues to air as part of the network’s themed week of programming.

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