tv promo testing

Industry: Media and Television
Area of Focus: Ad Effectiveness
Target: Consumers
Method: Quant online survey

Background: A cable and satellite television channel had experienced some audience atrophy for one of its reality-competition shows. As the series prepared for its sixth season on air, our client wanted to understand the key drivers of viewing interest, and whether promos for the show should focus on the competition, the contestants, or the subject matter, in an attempt to get consumers excited about the show again.

Business Questions: Which aspects of the show are most compelling to viewers? What is the key element that differentiates this show from other reality-competition shows? Do different messages resonate with different target audiences?

Approach: Online survey conducted among viewers of the show and heavy category users, in which a variety of promos for the series were tested.

Outcome: Study findings were used to more effectively target heavy category users, home-in on the most compelling elements of the series and the things that differentiate it from other shows in the category, and establish if the primary focus of the promos should be on the competition elements, the contestants, or the host.

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