How We Share

We believe that our time and financial resources are a gift to be shared with those in need, so as a company, we act on that belief in a variety of ways.


We strongly encourage our employees to volunteer their time to help others and we give them the opportunity to take time off from work to do that. Element team members have recently volunteered their time to raise money for, serve locally, or travel internationally to serve the following non-profit organizations: American Cancer Society, ChildFund International, Compassion International, Lexington Rescue Mission, Lifeline Christian Ministries, Lighthouse Ministries, MOPS of Platteville, Radio Eye, and Soccer Without Borders.


We donate a portion of the company’s annual profit to non-profit and charitable organizations. Each year, we also designate funds for each employee to donate to non-profits or charities of his or her choosing.

Pro Bono Work

We provide pro bono market research services to individuals and non-profits serving needs that are close to our heart.