Our Team

Element team members bring decades of experience to every project. Our clients benefit from the fact that we are all veteran market researchers.
Shannan Gabe Shannan is a co-founder of Element, oversees the company’s operations, and enjoys working directly with clients to design and execute all phases of the research process. Read more ›
Chris Grecco
In addition to co-founding Element and helping to manage day-to-day and strategic operations, Chris plays a lead role in conducting qualitative and quantitative research studies for clients. His research interests center on health-related businesses, new media and technology, lodging, and retail. Read more ›
Matt Grecco
Matt has worked in market research for over 25 years on both the client and supplier sides, with the bulk of his experience in the entertainment and television industries. Read more ›
Mandy Hall
Mandy has spent her nearly 25-year career in the market research industry and has been with Element Market Research since its inception 15 years ago. She serves clients across a wide array of research areas, focusing primarily on health-related businesses, TV and media, and the hospitality industry. Read more ›
Anne-Lamar Meeker
Anne-Lamar has spent the entirety of her career within the market research space and has specialized in the analysis of media/television content for over 20 years. Through her experience as both a client and a supplier, she has built a vast knowledge base pertaining to industry trends, behaviors, consumption, and audience profiles. Read more ›