Archimedes Case Study


Background: Our pharmaceutical client marketed a medication to alleviate breakthrough cancer pain. A new medication on the market had been garnering significant market share in a very short amount of time.

Business Question: Why was the new medication obtaining sizeable market share so quickly? What did physicians like about the medication in general, and specifically compared to our client’s therapy, and what steps could our client take to retain prescriptions and even grow their share of business?

Approach: Element conducted qualitative interviews with physicians who had recently prescribed the competitor’s new-to-market medication.

Outcome: The research showed that physicians were interested in the competitive medication because of its mode of delivery and quick onset. The competitor’s sales reps also seemed to be an integral part in helping them achieve success, as physicians said they had met with the reps frequently upon launch and received vouchers to give patients for up to two months worth of free medication. To be more competitive, our client was challenged with increasing rep visits, altering detail messaging, and providing similar voucher or trial solutions.

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