Novartis CIC Call Center Case Study


Background: One of Element’s pharmaceutical clients provides a toll-free phone number and an email address for consumers (patients and caregivers) to ask questions or inquire about the company overall and its specific medications. Previous research showed a strong correlation between how satisfied such callers/emailers were with the number who inquired about or asked their doctor for one of the company’s medications.

Business Question: How well are the pharmaceutical company’s customer care agents addressing consumer’s information needs and inquiries overall and specifically for the medications that they might be interested in taking for their conditions?

Approach: Element conducted ongoing quantitative surveys via telephone with consumers who called and online with those who emailed the pharmaceutical company to gauge satisfaction levels with customer service and determine what actions they took following their contact.

Outcome: Based on the findings, the company made changes to the way in which it handled customer inquiries as well as the information it provided to consumer. These steps included streamlining the telephone menu system, increasing the speed with which agents responded to customer emails, setting clearer and more reasonable expectations for the type and amount of information agents could provide to specific questions, and providing faster and better follow-up when additional information was needed to fully answer an inquiry.

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