Quest International Users Group Case Study


Background: One of Element’s member associations wished to improve the content, features, and navigation of its website in order to increase usage. A better site experience would encourage longer and more frequent visits and increase satisfaction with the association’s online and offline offerings overall. This would lead to increased revenue as more engaged users pay for web-based content, utilize web-based seminars, and attend the association’s annual conventions and conferences.

Business Question: In what ways would the members suggest the site be improved to provide more value? What content areas, functionalities, and navigation elements should be changed to ensure users are getting the most out of each visit?

Approach: Element conducted interactive (telephone interview with real-time web browser sharing) qualitative interviews with the association’s members.

Outcome: We were able to identify a number of both strategic and tactical ways that our client’s site should improve. Some revisions and solutions would be worked on over a period of months or even years as the site continued to improve and evolve to meet users’ needs. Others were acted on immediately, such as changing point sizes and colors of text, changing the wording on navigation bars and menus, and making it easier for users to log in to obtain customized content.

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