Tempur Sealy Hybrid Mattress Case Study


Background: One of our home goods clients, a mattress manufacturer, continuously seeks new and innovative ways to meet consumer needs and extend its product lines. In this case, management wanted to understand consumer interest in a mattress type that might fit between traditional innerspring and foam mattresses.

Business Question: How do prospective mattress purchasers perceive the company’s brands overall and on key attributes related to the mattresses they market? What factors are important to consumers when they consider a new mattress and how interested are they in new technologies or mattress types?

Approach: Element conducted quantitative surveys with consumers who say they are likely to purchase a new mattress within the next year.

Outcome: Our client was able to obtain information about which consumer segments would and would not be interested in purchasing the potential new mattress type from them. This allowed them to start the process of target market identification and creating marketing communications and advertising messaging that would be of most interest to likely consumers. It also provided their marketing teams with insights about what prospective buyers did not like about various mattress types and technology features, so barriers to purchasing could be combatted through communications pieces.

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